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v2.pref #

fn new_preferences #

fn new_preferences() Preferences

fn new_preferences_using_options #

fn new_preferences_using_options(options []string) Preferences

struct Preferences #

struct Preferences {
pub mut:
	debug        bool
	verbose      bool
	skip_genv    bool
	skip_builtin bool
	skip_imports bool
	no_parallel  bool
	vroot         string = os.dir(@)
	vmodules_path string = os.vmodules_dir()

fn (Preferences) get_module_path #

fn (p &Preferences) get_module_path(mod string, importing_file_path string) string

check for relative and then vlib

fn (Preferences) get_vlib_module_path #

fn (p &Preferences) get_vlib_module_path(mod string) string