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net.smtp #

fn new_client #

fn new_client(config Client) !&Client

new_client returns a new SMTP client and connects to it

enum BodyType #

enum BodyType {

struct Client #

struct Client {
	conn     net.TcpConn
	ssl_conn &ssl.SSLConn = unsafe { nil }
	reader   ?&io.BufferedReader
	server   string
	port     int = 25
	username string
	password string
	from     string
	ssl      bool
	starttls bool
pub mut:
	is_open   bool
	encrypted bool

fn (Client) reconnect #

fn (mut c Client) reconnect() !

reconnect reconnects to the SMTP server if the connection was closed

fn (Client) send #

fn (mut c Client) send(config Mail) !

send sends an email

fn (Client) quit #

fn (mut c Client) quit() !

quit closes the connection to the server

struct Mail #

struct Mail {
	from      string
	to        string
	cc        string
	bcc       string
	date      time.Time =
	subject   string
	body_type BodyType
	body      string