clipboard.dummy #

fn new_clipboard #

fn new_clipboard() &Clipboard

new_clipboard returns a new Clipboard instance allocated on the heap.
The Clipboard resources can be released with free()

fn new_primary #

fn new_primary() &Clipboard

new_primary returns a new X11 PRIMARY type Clipboard instance allocated on the heap.
Please note: new_primary only works on X11 based systems.

struct Clipboard #

struct Clipboard {
	text     string
	got_text bool
	is_owner bool

fn (Clipboard) set_text #

fn (mut cb Clipboard) set_text(text string) bool

fn (Clipboard) get_text #

fn (mut cb Clipboard) get_text() string

fn (Clipboard) clear #

fn (mut cb Clipboard) clear()

fn (Clipboard) free #

fn (mut cb Clipboard) free()

fn (Clipboard) has_ownership #

fn (cb &Clipboard) has_ownership() bool

fn (Clipboard) check_availability #

fn (cb &Clipboard) check_availability() bool