crypto.md5 #

Constants #

const (
	size       = 16

	block_size = 64

fn hexhash #

fn hexhash(s string) string

hexhash returns a hexadecimal MD5 hash sum string of s.


assert md5.hexhash('V') == '5206560a306a2e085a437fd258eb57ce'

fn new #

fn new() &Digest

new returns a new Digest (implementing hash.Hash) computing the MD5 checksum.

fn sum #

fn sum(data []byte) []byte

sum returns the MD5 checksum of the data.

fn (Digest) write #

fn (mut d Digest) write(p_ []byte) ?int

write writes the contents of p_ to the internal hash representation.

fn (Digest) sum #

fn (d &Digest) sum(b_in []byte) []byte

sum returns the md5 sum of the bytes in b_in.

fn (Digest) checksum #

fn (mut d Digest) checksum() []byte

checksum returns the byte checksum of the Digest.

fn (Digest) size #

fn (d &Digest) size() int

size returns the size of the checksum in bytes.

fn (Digest) block_size #

fn (d &Digest) block_size() int

block_size returns the block size of the checksum in bytes.