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v.debug #

fn add_after_call #

fn add_after_call(func HookFnCall) HookFnCall

add_after_call adds a fn hook to after hook list and returns its id

fn add_before_call #

fn add_before_call(func HookFnCall) HookFnCall

add_before_call adds a fn hook to before hook list and return its id

fn callstack #

fn callstack(depth int) ?FnTrace

callstack retrieves the supplied stack frame based on supplied depth

fn dump_callstack #

fn dump_callstack()

dump_callstack dumps callstack to the user

fn remove_after_call #

fn remove_after_call(func HookFnCall)

remove_after_call removes a fn hook from after hook list by its idx

fn remove_before_call #

fn remove_before_call(func HookFnCall)

remove_before_call removes a fn hook from before hook list by its idx

fn (Debugger) interact #

fn (mut d Debugger) interact(info DebugContextInfo) !

interact displays the V debugger REPL for user interaction

struct DebugContextInfo #

struct DebugContextInfo {
	is_anon           bool   // cur fn is anon?
	is_generic        bool   // cur fn is a generic?
	is_method         bool   // cur fn is a bool?
	receiver_typ_name string // cur receiver type name (method only)
	line              int    // cur line number
	file              string // cur file name
	mod               string // cur module name
	fn_name           string // cur function name
	scope             map[string]DebugContextVar // scope var data

DebugContextInfo has the context info for the debugger repl

struct DebugContextVar #

struct DebugContextVar {
	name  string // var name
	typ   string // its type name
	value string // its str value

DebugContextVar holds the scope variable information

struct FnTrace #

struct FnTrace {
	name string
	file string
	line i64

function call location trace

struct TraceHook #

struct TraceHook {
	in_hook bool
pub mut:
	trace_after_call  []HookFnCall
	trace_before_call []HookFnCall