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v.parser #

fn parse_comptime #

fn parse_comptime(tmpl_path string, text string, mut table ast.Table, pref_ &pref.Preferences, mut scope ast.Scope) &ast.File

fn parse_file #

fn parse_file(path string, mut table ast.Table, comments_mode scanner.CommentsMode, pref_ &pref.Preferences) &ast.File

fn parse_files #

fn parse_files(paths []string, mut table ast.Table, pref_ &pref.Preferences) []&ast.File

fn parse_stmt #

fn parse_stmt(text string, mut table ast.Table, mut scope ast.Scope) ast.Stmt

for tests

fn parse_text #

fn parse_text(text string, path string, mut table ast.Table, comments_mode scanner.CommentsMode, pref_ &pref.Preferences) &ast.File

struct Parser #

struct Parser {
	pref &pref.Preferences = unsafe { nil }
	file_base         string       // "hello.v"
	file_path         string       // "/home/user/hello.v"
	file_display_path string       // just "hello.v", when your current folder for the compilation is "/home/user/", otherwise the full path "/home/user/hello.v"
	unique_prefix     string       // a hash of p.file_path, used for making anon fn generation unique
	file_backend_mode ast.Language // .c for .c.v|.c.vv|.c.vsh files; .js for .js.v files, .amd64/.rv32/other arches for .amd64.v/.rv32.v/etc. files, .v otherwise.
	// see comment in parse_file
	tok                       token.Token
	prev_tok                  token.Token
	peek_tok                  token.Token
	language                  ast.Language
	fn_language               ast.Language // .c for `fn C.abcd()` declarations
	expr_level                int  // prevent too deep recursions for pathological programs
	inside_vlib_file          bool // true for all vlib/ files
	inside_test_file          bool // when inside _test.v or _test.vv file
	inside_if                 bool
	inside_comptime_if        bool
	inside_if_expr            bool
	inside_if_cond            bool
	inside_ct_if_expr         bool
	inside_or_expr            bool
	inside_for                bool
	inside_for_expr           bool
	inside_fn                 bool // true even with implicit main
	inside_fn_return          bool
	inside_fn_concrete_type   bool // parsing fn_name[concrete_type]() call expr
	inside_call_args          bool // true inside f(  ....  )
	inside_unsafe_fn          bool
	inside_str_interp         bool
	inside_array_lit          bool
	inside_in_array           bool
	inside_infix              bool
	inside_match              bool // to separate `match A { }` from `Struct{}`
	inside_select             bool // to allow `ch <- Struct{} {` inside `select`
	inside_match_case         bool // to separate `match_expr { }` from `Struct{}`
	inside_match_body         bool // to fix eval not used TODO
	inside_unsafe             bool
	inside_sum_type           bool // to prevent parsing inline sum type again
	inside_asm_template       bool
	inside_asm                bool
	inside_defer              bool
	inside_generic_params     bool // indicates if parsing between `<` and `>` of a method/function
	inside_receiver_param     bool // indicates if parsing the receiver parameter inside the first `(` and `)` of a method
	inside_struct_field_decl  bool
	inside_struct_attr_decl   bool
	inside_map_init           bool
	inside_orm                bool
	inside_chan_decl          bool
	inside_attr_decl          bool
	fixed_array_dim           int               // fixed array dim parsing level
	or_is_handled             bool              // ignore `or` in this expression
	builtin_mod               bool              // are we in the `builtin` module?
	mod                       string            // current module name
	is_manualfree             bool              // true when `[manualfree] module abc`, makes *all* fns in the current .v file, opt out of autofree
	has_globals               bool              // `[has_globals] module abc` - allow globals declarations, even without -enable-globals, in that single .v file __only__
	is_generated              bool              // `[generated] module abc` - turn off compiler notices for that single .v file __only__.
	is_translated             bool              // `[translated] module abc` - mark a file as translated, to relax some compiler checks for translated code.
	attrs                     []ast.Attr        // attributes before next decl stmt
	expr_mod                  string            // for constructing full type names in parse_type()
	imports                   map[string]string // alias => mod_name
	ast_imports               []ast.Import      // mod_names
	used_imports              []string // alias
	auto_imports              []string // imports, the user does not need to specify
	imported_symbols          map[string]string
	is_amp                    bool // for generating the right code for `&Foo{}`
	returns                   bool
	is_stmt_ident             bool // true while the beginning of a statement is an ident/selector
	expecting_type            bool // `is Type`, expecting type
	cur_fn_name               string
	label_names               []string
	name_error                bool // indicates if the token is not a name or the name is on another line
	n_asm                     int  // controls assembly labels
	global_labels             []string
	comptime_if_cond          bool
	defer_vars                []ast.Ident
	should_abort              bool // when too many errors/warnings/notices are accumulated, should_abort becomes true, and the parser should stop
	codegen_text              string
	anon_struct_decl          ast.StructDecl
	struct_init_generic_types []ast.Type
	if_cond_comments          []ast.Comment
	left_comments             []ast.Comment
	script_mode               bool
	script_mode_start_token   token.Token
pub mut:
	scanner        &scanner.Scanner = unsafe { nil }
	table          &ast.Table       = unsafe { nil }
	scope          &ast.Scope       = unsafe { nil }
	errors         []errors.Error
	warnings       []errors.Warning
	notices        []errors.Notice
	template_paths []string // record all compiled $tmpl files; needed for `v watch run webserver.v`

fn (Parser) codegen #

fn (mut p Parser) codegen(code string)

codegen allows you to generate V code, so that it can be parsed, checked, markused, cgen-ed etc further, just like user's V code.

fn (Parser) compile_template_file #

fn (mut p Parser) compile_template_file(template_file string, fn_name string) string

compile_file compiles the content of a file by the given path as a template

fn (Parser) free #

fn (mut p Parser) free()

fn (Parser) parse #

fn (mut p Parser) parse() &ast.File

fn (Parser) set_path #

fn (mut p Parser) set_path(path string)