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toml.util #

fn is_ascii_control_character #

fn is_ascii_control_character(byte_char u8) bool

is_ascii_control_character returns true if byte_char is an ASCII control character.

fn is_illegal_ascii_control_character #

fn is_illegal_ascii_control_character(byte_char u8) bool

is_illegal_ascii_control_character returns true if a byte_char ASCII control character is considered "illegal" in TOML .

fn is_key_char #

fn is_key_char(c u8) bool

is_key_char returns true if the given u8 is a valid key character.

fn printdbg #

fn printdbg(id string, message string)

printdbg is a utility function for displaying a key:pair error message when -d trace_toml is passed to the compiler.