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v.cflag #

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_before_target_msvc #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_before_target_msvc() []string

Todo: implement msvc specific c_options_before_target and c_options_after_target ...

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_after_target_msvc #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_after_target_msvc() []string

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_before_target #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_before_target() []string

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_after_target #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_after_target() []string

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_without_object_files #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_without_object_files() []string

fn ([]CFlag) c_options_only_object_files #

fn (cflags []CFlag) c_options_only_object_files() []string

fn ([]CFlag) defines_others_libs #

fn (cflags []CFlag) defines_others_libs() ([]string, []string, []string)

struct CFlag #

struct CFlag {
	mod   string // the module in which the flag was given
	os    string // eg. windows | darwin | linux
	name  string // eg. -I
	value string // eg. /path/to/include
pub mut:
	cached string // eg. ~/.vmodules/cache/ea/ea9878886727367672163.o (for .o files)

parsed cflag

fn (CFlag) str #

fn (c &CFlag) str() string

fn (CFlag) eval #

fn (cf &CFlag) eval() string

expand the flag value

fn (CFlag) format #

fn (cf &CFlag) format() string

format flag