fontstash #

Constants #

const (
	used_import = 1

#flag -lfreetype

fn create_internal #

fn create_internal(params &C.FONSparams) &C.FONScontext

Contructor and destructor.

fn delete_internal #

fn delete_internal(s &C.FONScontext)

enum FonsAlign #

enum FonsAlign {
	left = 1
	center = 2
	right = 4
	top = 8
	middle = 16
	bottom = 32
	baseline = 64

enum FonsErrorCode #

enum FonsErrorCode {
	atlas_full = 1
	scratch_full = 2
	states_overflow = 3
	states_underflow = 4

enum FonsFlags #

enum FonsFlags {
	top_left = 1
	bottom_left = 2

struct C.FONScontext #

struct C.FONScontext {}

fn (C.FONScontext) add_fallback_font #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) add_fallback_font(base int, fallback int) int

fn (C.FONScontext) add_font_mem #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) add_font_mem(name byteptr, data byteptr, data_size int, free_data int) int

fn (C.FONScontext) clear_state #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) clear_state()

fn (C.FONScontext) draw_debug #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) draw_debug(x f32, y f32)

Draws the stash texture for debugging

fn (C.FONScontext) draw_text #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) draw_text(x f32, y f32, str byteptr, end byteptr) f32

Draw text

fn (C.FONScontext) expand_atlas #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) expand_atlas(width int, height int) int

Expands the atlas size.

fn (C.FONScontext) get_atlas_size #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) get_atlas_size(width &int, height &int)

Returns current atlas size.

fn (C.FONScontext) get_font_by_name #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) get_font_by_name(name byteptr) int

Add fonts

fn (C.FONScontext) get_texture_data #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) get_texture_data(width &int, height &int) byteptr

Pull texture changes

fn (C.FONScontext) line_bounds #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) line_bounds(y f32, miny &f32, maxy &f32)

fn (C.FONScontext) pop_state #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) pop_state()

fn (C.FONScontext) push_state #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) push_state()

State handling

fn (C.FONScontext) reset_atlas #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) reset_atlas(width int, height int) int

Resets the whole stash.

fn (C.FONScontext) set_align #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_align(align int)

fn (C.FONScontext) set_blur #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_blur(blur f32)

fn (C.FONScontext) set_color #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_color(color u32)

fn (C.FONScontext) set_error_callback #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_error_callback(callback fn (voidptr, int, int), uptr voidptr)

fn (C.FONScontext) set_font #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_font(font int)

fn (C.FONScontext) set_size #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_size(size f32)

State setting

fn (C.FONScontext) set_spacing #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) set_spacing(spacing f32)

fn (C.FONScontext) text_bounds #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) text_bounds(x f32, y f32, str byteptr, end byteptr, bounds &f32) f32

Measure text

fn (C.FONScontext) text_iter_init #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) text_iter_init(iter &C.FONStextIter, x f32, y f32, str byteptr, end byteptr) int

Text iterator

fn (C.FONScontext) text_iter_next #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) text_iter_next(iter &C.FONStextIter, quad &C.FONSquad) int

fn (C.FONScontext) validate_texture #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) validate_texture(dirty &int) int

fn (C.FONScontext) vert_metrics #

fn (s &C.FONScontext) vert_metrics(ascender &f32, descender &f32, lineh &f32)

struct C.FONSfont #

struct C.FONSfont {}

struct C.FONSparams #

struct C.FONSparams {
	width   int
	height  int
	flags   char
	userPtr voidptr
	renderCreate fn (voidptr, int, int) int
	renderResize fn (voidptr, int, int) int
	renderUpdate fn (voidptr, &int, byteptr)
	renderDraw fn (voidptr, &f32, &f32, &u32, int)
	renderDelete fn (voidptr)

struct C.FONSquad #

struct C.FONSquad {
	x0 f32
	y0 f32
	s0 f32
	t0 f32
	x1 f32
	y1 f32
	s1 f32
	t1 f32

struct C.FONStextIter #

struct C.FONStextIter {
	x              f32
	y              f32
	nextx          f32
	nexty          f32
	scale          f32
	spacing        f32
	codepoint      u32
	isize          i16
	iblur          i16
	font           &FONSfont
	prevGlyphIndex int
	str            byteptr
	next           byteptr
	end            byteptr
	utf8state      u32