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encoding.html #

fn escape #

fn escape(input string, config EscapeConfig) string

escape converts special characters in the input, specifically "<", ">", and "&" to HTML-safe sequences. If quote is set to true (which is default), quotes in HTML will also be translated. Both double and single quotes will be affected. Note: escape() supports funky accents by doing nothing about them. V's UTF-8 support through string is robust enough to deal with these cases.

fn unescape #

fn unescape(input string, config UnescapeConfig) string

unescape converts entities like "<" to "<". By default it is the converse of escape. If all is set to true, it handles named, numeric, and hex values - for example, '&apos;', '&#39;', and '&#x27;' then unescape to "'".

struct EscapeConfig #

struct EscapeConfig {
	quote bool = true

struct UnescapeConfig #

struct UnescapeConfig {
	all bool