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net.ftp #

fn new #

fn new() FTP

new returns an FTP instance.

fn (FTP) connect #

fn (mut zftp FTP) connect(oaddress string) !bool

connect establishes an FTP connection to the host at oaddress (ip:port).

fn (FTP) login #

fn (mut zftp FTP) login(user string, passwd string) !bool

login sends the "USER user" and "PASS passwd" commands to the remote host.

fn (FTP) close #

fn (mut zftp FTP) close() !

close closes the FTP connection.

fn (FTP) pwd #

fn (mut zftp FTP) pwd() !string

pwd returns the current working directory on the remote host for the logged in user.

fn (FTP) cd #

fn (mut zftp FTP) cd(dir string) !

cd changes the current working directory to the specified remote directory dir.

fn (FTP) dir #

fn (mut zftp FTP) dir() ![]string

dir returns a list of the files in the current working directory.

fn (FTP) get #

fn (mut zftp FTP) get(file string) ![]u8

get retrieves file from the remote host.