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main #

V preludes:

The vlib/v/preludes/ contains small v code snippets, that V uses when compiling certain v programs. V adds the files below automatically itself. Each file is used in different situations (see below).

NB: preludes are NOT intended to be used by user programs/modules. The folder vlib/v/preludes/ is NOT a v module.



Used when compiling live programs. This file is used by the main executable live program, that starts the file change monitoring thread. Each live program needs module os and module time, in order for the background file change monitoring thread to work properly.


Used when compiling live programs, for the shared library portion of the live programs, that is reloaded each time the code is changed.


Used when compiling _test.v programs. It specifies how failed assertions will look.


Used when compiling _test.v programs with -stats option. It specifies how the result will appear ('assert' vs 'asserts' and so on).

fn change_test_runner #

fn change_test_runner(x &TestRunner)

change_test_runner should be called by preludes that implement the the TestRunner interface, in their vtest_init fn (see below), to customize the way that V shows test results