v.builder #

fn compile #

fn compile(command string, pref &pref.Preferences)

fn msvc_string_flags #

fn msvc_string_flags(cflags []cflag.CFlag) MsvcStringFlags

pub fn (cflags []CFlag) msvc_string_flags() MsvcStringFlags {

fn new_builder #

fn new_builder(pref &pref.Preferences) Builder

struct Builder #

struct Builder {
	compiled_dir string
	module_path  string
	pref        &pref.Preferences
	checker     &checker.Checker
	transformer &transformer.Transformer
	out_name_c  string
	out_name_js string
	stats_lines int
	stats_bytes int
	nr_errors   int
	nr_warnings int
	nr_notices  int
pub mut:
	module_search_paths []string
	parsed_files        []&ast.File
	cached_msvc         MsvcResult
	table               &ast.Table
	ccoptions           CcompilerOptions

	mod_invalidates_paths map[string][]string
	mod_invalidates_mods  map[string][]string
	path_invalidates_mods map[string][]string

fn (Builder) build_c #

fn (mut b Builder) build_c(v_files []string, out_file string)

fn (Builder) build_js #

fn (mut b Builder) build_js(v_files []string, out_file string)

fn (Builder) build_native #

fn (mut b Builder) build_native(v_files []string, out_file string)

fn (Builder) cc_msvc #

fn (mut v Builder) cc_msvc()

fn (Builder) compile_c #

fn (mut b Builder) compile_c()

fn (Builder) compile_js #

fn (mut b Builder) compile_js()

fn (Builder) compile_native #

fn (mut b Builder) compile_native()

fn (Builder) find_module_path #

fn (b &Builder) find_module_path(mod string, fpath string) ?string

TODO: try to merge this & util.module functions to create a reliable multi use function. see comments in util/module.v

fn (Builder) front_and_middle_stages #

fn (mut b Builder) front_and_middle_stages(v_files []string) ?

fn (Builder) front_stages #

fn (mut b Builder) front_stages(v_files []string) ?

fn (Builder) gen_c #

fn (mut b Builder) gen_c(v_files []string) string

fn (Builder) gen_js #

fn (mut b Builder) gen_js(v_files []string) string

fn (Builder) get_builtin_files #

fn (v Builder) get_builtin_files() []string

fn (Builder) get_user_files #

fn (v &Builder) get_user_files() []string

fn (Builder) import_graph #

fn (b &Builder) import_graph() &depgraph.DepGraph

graph of all imported modules

fn (Builder) info #

fn (b Builder) info(s string)

fn (Builder) log #

fn (b Builder) log(s string)

fn (Builder) middle_stages #

fn (mut b Builder) middle_stages() ?

fn (Builder) parse_imports #

fn (mut b Builder) parse_imports()

parse all deps from already parsed files

fn (Builder) rebuild_modules #

fn (mut b Builder) rebuild_modules()

fn (Builder) resolve_deps #

fn (mut b Builder) resolve_deps()

fn (Builder) v_files_from_dir #

fn (b Builder) v_files_from_dir(dir string) []string