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fn info #

fn info() &LiveReloadInfo

LiveReloadInfo.live_linkfn should be called by the reloader to dlsym all live functions. TODO: research a way to implement live_linkfn in pure V, without complicating live code generation too much.

The callbacks: cb_compile_fail, cb_before, cb_after will be executed outside the mutex protected section, so be careful, if you modify your data inside them. They can race with your @[live] functions.

cb_locked_before and cb_locked_after will be executed inside the mutex protected section. They can NOT race with your [live] functions. They should be very quick in what they do though, otherwise your live functions can be delayed. - give user access to program's LiveReloadInfo struct, so that the user can set callbacks, read meta information, etc.

type FNLinkLiveSymbols #

type FNLinkLiveSymbols = fn (linkcb voidptr)

type FNLiveReloadCB #

type FNLiveReloadCB = fn (info &LiveReloadInfo)

struct LiveReloadInfo #

struct LiveReloadInfo {
	vexe             string  // full path to the v compiler
	vopts            string  // v compiler options for a live shared library
	original         string  // full path to the original source file, compiled with -live
	live_fn_mutex    voidptr // the address of the C mutex, that locks the @[live] fns during reloads.
	live_linkfn      FNLinkLiveSymbols = unsafe { nil } // generated C callback; receives a dlopen handle
	so_extension     string            // .so or .dll
	so_name_template string // a template for the shared libraries location
pub mut:
	monitored_files   []string       // an array, containing all paths that should be monitored for changes
	live_lib          voidptr        // the result of
	reloads           int            // how many times a reloading was tried
	reloads_ok        int            // how many times the reloads succeeded
	reload_time_ms    int            // how much time the last reload took (compilation + loading)
	last_mod_ts       i64            // a timestamp for when the original was last changed
	recheck_period_ms int = 100 // how often do you want to check for changes
	cb_recheck        FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed periodically
	cb_compile_failed FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed when a reload compilation failed
	cb_before         FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed before a reload try happens
	cb_after          FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed after a reload try happened, even if failed
	cb_locked_before  FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed before lib reload, in the mutex section
	cb_locked_after   FNLiveReloadCB = unsafe { nil } // executed after lib reload, in the mutex section
	user_ptr          voidptr        = unsafe { nil } // you can set it to anything, then retrieve it in the cb_ fns