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toml.checker #

Constants #

const allowed_basic_escape_chars = [`u`, `U`, `b`, `t`, `n`, `f`, `r`, `"`, `\\`]

struct Checker #

struct Checker {
	scanner &scanner.Scanner

Checker checks a tree of TOML ast.Value's for common errors.

fn (Checker) check #

fn (c Checker) check(n &ast.Value) ?

check checks the ast.Value and all it's children for common errors.

fn (Checker) check_quoted #

fn (c Checker) check_quoted(q ast.Quoted) ?

check_quoted returns an error if q is not a valid quoted TOML string.

fn (Checker) check_comment #

fn (c Checker) check_comment(comment ast.Comment) ?

check_comment returns an error if the contents of comment isn't a valid TOML comment.