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crypto.sha1 #

Constants #

const size = 20

The size of a SHA-1 checksum in bytes.

const block_size = 64

The blocksize of SHA-1 in bytes.

fn hexhash #

fn hexhash(s string) string

hexhash returns a hexadecimal SHA1 hash sum string of s.

fn new #

fn new() &Digest

new returns a new Digest (implementing hash.Hash) computing the SHA1 checksum.

fn sum #

fn sum(data []u8) []u8

sum returns the SHA-1 checksum of the bytes passed in data.

fn (Digest) free #

fn (mut d Digest) free()

free the resources taken by the Digest d

fn (Digest) reset #

fn (mut d Digest) reset()

reset the state of the Digest d

fn (Digest) write #

fn (mut d Digest) write(p_ []u8) !int

write writes the contents of p_ to the internal hash representation.

fn (Digest) sum #

fn (d &Digest) sum(b_in []u8) []u8

sum returns a copy of the generated sum of the bytes in b_in.

fn (Digest) checksum #

deprecated: checksum() will be changed to a private method, use sum() instead
deprecated_after: 2024-04-30
fn (mut d Digest) checksum() []u8

checksum returns the current byte checksum of the Digest, it is an internal method and is not recommended because its results are not idempotent.

fn (Digest) size #

fn (d &Digest) size() int

size returns the size of the checksum in bytes.

fn (Digest) block_size #

fn (d &Digest) block_size() int

block_size returns the block size of the checksum in bytes.