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v.gen.c #

fn gen #

fn gen(files []&ast.File, table &ast.Table, pref &pref.Preferences) string

fn get_guarded_include_text #

fn get_guarded_include_text(iname string, imessage string) string

fn (Gen) contains_ptr #

fn (mut g Gen) contains_ptr(el_typ ast.Type) bool

returns true if t includes any pointer(s) - during garbage collection heap regions that contain no pointers do not have to be scanned

fn (Gen) current_tmp_var #

fn (mut g Gen) current_tmp_var() string

fn (Gen) filter_only_matching_fn_names #

fn (mut g Gen) filter_only_matching_fn_names(fnames []string) []string

fn (Gen) finish #

fn (mut g Gen) finish()

fn (Gen) free_builders #

fn (mut g Gen) free_builders()

free_builders should be called only when a Gen would NOT be used anymore it frees the bulk of the memory that is private to the Gen instance (the various string builders)

fn (Gen) gen_c_android_sokol_main #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_c_android_sokol_main()

fn (Gen) gen_c_main #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_c_main()

fn (Gen) gen_c_main_for_tests #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_c_main_for_tests()

fn (Gen) gen_c_main_profile_hook #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_c_main_profile_hook()

fn (Gen) gen_failing_error_propagation_for_test_fn #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_failing_error_propagation_for_test_fn(or_block ast.OrExpr, cvar_name string)

fn (Gen) gen_failing_return_error_for_test_fn #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_failing_return_error_for_test_fn(return_stmt ast.Return, cvar_name string)

fn (Gen) gen_file #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_file()

fn (Gen) gen_vprint_profile_stats #

fn (mut g Gen) gen_vprint_profile_stats()

fn (Gen) get_array_depth #

fn (mut g Gen) get_array_depth(el_typ ast.Type) int

fn (Gen) hashes #

fn (g &Gen) hashes() string

fn (Gen) init #

fn (mut g Gen) init()

fn (Gen) new_global_tmp_var #

fn (mut g Gen) new_global_tmp_var() string

fn (Gen) new_tmp_declaration_name #

fn (mut g Gen) new_tmp_declaration_name() string

fn (Gen) new_tmp_var #

fn (mut g Gen) new_tmp_var() string

fn (Gen) reset_tmp_count #

fn (mut g Gen) reset_tmp_count()

fn (Gen) write #

fn (mut g Gen) write(s string)

fn (Gen) write_alias_typesymbol_declaration #

fn (mut g Gen) write_alias_typesymbol_declaration(sym ast.TypeSymbol)

fn (Gen) write_fn_typesymbol_declaration #

fn (mut g Gen) write_fn_typesymbol_declaration(sym ast.TypeSymbol)

fn (Gen) write_interface_typedef #

fn (mut g Gen) write_interface_typedef(sym ast.TypeSymbol)

fn (Gen) write_interface_typesymbol_declaration #

fn (mut g Gen) write_interface_typesymbol_declaration(sym ast.TypeSymbol)

fn (Gen) write_multi_return_types #

fn (mut g Gen) write_multi_return_types()

fn (Gen) write_tests_definitions #

fn (mut g Gen) write_tests_definitions()

fn (Gen) write_typedef_types #

fn (mut g Gen) write_typedef_types()

fn (Gen) write_typeof_functions #

fn (mut g Gen) write_typeof_functions()

fn (Gen) writeln #

fn (mut g Gen) writeln(s string)

struct ProfileCounterMeta #

struct ProfileCounterMeta {
	fn_name   string
	vpc_name  string
	vpc_calls string