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v.checker #

Constants #

const (
	// array_builtin_methods contains a list of all methods on array, that return other typed arrays,
	// i.e. that act as *pseudogeneric* methods, that need compiler support, so that the types of the results
	// are properly checked.
	// Note that methods that do not return anything, or that return known types, are not listed here, since they are just ordinary non generic methods.
	array_builtin_methods       = ['filter', 'clone', 'repeat', 'reverse', 'map', 'slice', 'sort',
		'sorted', 'sorted_with_compare', 'contains', 'index', 'wait', 'any', 'all', 'first', 'last',
		'pop', 'delete']
	array_builtin_methods_chk   = token.new_keywords_matcher_from_array_trie(array_builtin_methods)
	// TODO: remove `byte` from this list when it is no longer supported
	reserved_type_names         = ['byte', 'bool', 'char', 'i8', 'i16', 'int', 'i64', 'u8', 'u16',
		'u32', 'u64', 'f32', 'f64', 'map', 'string', 'rune', 'usize', 'isize', 'voidptr', 'thread']
	reserved_type_names_chk     = token.new_keywords_matcher_from_array_trie(reserved_type_names)
	vroot_is_deprecated_message = '@VROOT is deprecated, use @VMODROOT or @VEXEROOT instead'

fn new_checker #

fn new_checker(table &ast.Table, pref_ &pref.Preferences) &Checker

struct Checker #

struct Checker {
pub mut:
	pref &pref.Preferences = unsafe { nil } // Preferences shared from V struct
	table                      &ast.Table = unsafe { nil }
	file                       &ast.File  = unsafe { nil }
	nr_errors                  int
	nr_warnings                int
	nr_notices                 int
	errors                     []errors.Error
	warnings                   []errors.Warning
	notices                    []errors.Notice
	error_lines                []int // to avoid printing multiple errors for the same line
	expected_type              ast.Type
	expected_or_type           ast.Type        // fn() or { 'this type' } eg. string. expected or block type
	expected_expr_type         ast.Type        // if/match is_expr: expected_type
	mod                        string          // current module name
	const_var                  &ast.ConstField = unsafe { nil } // the current constant, when checking const declarations
	const_deps                 []string
	const_names                []string
	global_names               []string
	locked_names               []string // vars that are currently locked
	rlocked_names              []string // vars that are currently read-locked
	in_for_count               int      // if checker is currently in a for loop
	should_abort               bool     // when too many errors/warnings/notices are accumulated, .should_abort becomes true. It is checked in statement/expression loops, so the checker can return early, instead of wasting time.
	returns                    bool
	scope_returns              bool
	is_builtin_mod             bool // true inside the 'builtin', 'os' or 'strconv' modules; TODO: remove the need for special casing this
	is_just_builtin_mod        bool // true only inside 'builtin'
	is_generated               bool // true for `[generated] module xyz` .v files
	inside_unsafe              bool // true inside `unsafe {}` blocks
	inside_const               bool // true inside `const ( ... )` blocks
	inside_anon_fn             bool // true inside `fn() { ... }()`
	inside_ref_lit             bool // true inside `a := &something`
	inside_defer               bool // true inside `defer {}` blocks
	inside_fn_arg              bool // `a`, `b` in `a.f(b)`
	inside_ct_attr             bool // true inside `[if expr]`
	inside_x_is_type           bool // true inside the Type expression of `if x is Type {`
	inside_comptime_for_field  bool
	inside_generic_struct_init bool
	cur_struct_generic_types   []ast.Type
	cur_struct_concrete_types  []ast.Type
	skip_flags                 bool      // should `#flag` and `#include` be skipped
	fn_level                   int       // 0 for the top level, 1 for `fn abc() {}`, 2 for a nested fn, etc
	smartcast_mut_pos          token.Pos // match mut foo, if mut foo is Foo
	smartcast_cond_pos         token.Pos // match cond
	ct_cond_stack              []ast.Expr
	stmt_level int // the nesting level inside each stmts list;
	// .stmt_level is used to check for `evaluated but not used` ExprStmts like `1 << 1`
	// 1 for statements directly at each inner scope level;
	// increases for `x := if cond { statement_list1} else {statement_list2}`;
	// increases for `x := optfn() or { statement_list3 }`;
	// files                            []ast.File
	expr_level                       int // to avoid infinite recursion segfaults due to compiler bugs
	ensure_generic_type_level        int // to avoid infinite recursion segfaults in ensure_generic_type_specify_type_names
	cur_orm_ts                       ast.TypeSymbol
	cur_anon_fn                      &ast.AnonFn = unsafe { nil }
	error_details                    []string
	vmod_file_content                string     // needed for @VMOD_FILE, contents of the file, *NOT its path**
	loop_label                       string     // set when inside a labelled for loop
	vweb_gen_types                   []ast.Type // vweb route checks
	timers                           &util.Timers = util.get_timers()
	comptime_for_field_var           string
	comptime_fields_default_type     ast.Type
	comptime_fields_type             map[string]ast.Type
	comptime_for_field_value         ast.StructField // value of the field variable
	comptime_enum_field_value        string // current enum value name
	fn_scope                         &ast.Scope = unsafe { nil }
	main_fn_decl_node                ast.FnDecl
	match_exhaustive_cutoff_limit    int = 10
	is_last_stmt                     bool
	prevent_sum_type_unwrapping_once bool // needed for assign new values to sum type, stopping unwrapping then
	using_new_err_struct             bool
	need_recheck_generic_fns         bool // need recheck generic fns because there are cascaded nested generic fn
	inside_sql                       bool // to handle sql table fields pseudo variables
	inside_selector_expr             bool
	inside_casting_to_str            bool
	inside_decl_rhs                  bool
	inside_if_guard                  bool // true inside the guard condition of `if x := opt() {}`
	inside_assign                    bool
	// doing_line_info                  int    // a quick single file run when called with v -line-info (contains line nr to inspect)
	// doing_line_path                  string // same, but stores the path being parsed
	is_index_assign   bool
	comptime_call_pos int // needed for correctly checking use before decl for templates
	goto_labels       map[string]ast.GotoLabel // to check for unused goto labels
	enum_data_type    ast.Type
	fn_return_type    ast.Type

fn (Checker) change_current_file #

fn (mut c Checker) change_current_file(file &ast.File)

fn (Checker) check #

fn (mut c Checker) check(mut ast_file ast.File)

fn (Checker) check2 #

fn (mut c Checker) check2(mut ast_file ast.File) []errors.Error

not used right now

fn (Checker) check_files #

fn (mut c Checker) check_files(ast_files []&ast.File)

fn (Checker) check_scope_vars #

fn (mut c Checker) check_scope_vars(sc &ast.Scope)

fn (Checker) expr #

fn (mut c Checker) expr(mut node ast.Expr) ast.Type

fn (Checker) is_comptime_var #

fn (mut c Checker) is_comptime_var(node ast.Expr) bool

fn (Checker) lambda_expr #

fn (mut c Checker) lambda_expr(mut node ast.LambdaExpr, exp_typ ast.Type) ast.Type

fn (Checker) lambda_expr_fix_type_of_param #

fn (mut c Checker) lambda_expr_fix_type_of_param(mut node ast.LambdaExpr, mut pident ast.Ident, ptype ast.Type)

fn (Checker) support_lambda_expr_in_sort #

fn (mut c Checker) support_lambda_expr_in_sort(param_type ast.Type, return_type ast.Type, mut expr ast.LambdaExpr)

fn (Checker) support_lambda_expr_one_param #

fn (mut c Checker) support_lambda_expr_one_param(param_type ast.Type, return_type ast.Type, mut expr ast.LambdaExpr)