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fn add_live_monitored_file #

fn add_live_monitored_file(mut lri live.LiveReloadInfo, path string)

add_live_monitored_file will be called by the generated code inside main(), to add a list of all the .v files that were used during the main program compilation. Any change to any of them, will later trigger a recompilation and reloading of the produced shared library. This makes it possible for [live] functions inside modules to also work, not just in the top level program.

fn new_live_reload_info #

fn new_live_reload_info(original string, vexe string, vopts string, live_fn_mutex voidptr, live_linkfn live.FNLinkLiveSymbols) &live.LiveReloadInfo

The live reloader code is implemented here.

Note: new_live_reload_info will be called by generated C code inside main()

fn start_reloader #

fn start_reloader(mut r live.LiveReloadInfo)

Note: start_reloader will be called by generated code inside main(), to startthe hot code reloader thread. start_reloader is executed in the context of the original main thread.