x.openssl #

fn new_ssl_conn #

fn new_ssl_conn() &SSLConn

struct C.fd_set #

struct C.fd_set {

struct SSLConn #

struct SSLConn {
	sslctx   &C.SSL_CTX
	ssl      &C.SSL
	handle   int
	duration time.Duration

const ( is_used = openssl.is_used )

fn (SSLConn) shutdown #

fn (mut s SSLConn) shutdown() ?

shutdown closes the ssl connection and do clean up

fn (SSLConn) connect #

fn (mut s SSLConn) connect(mut tcp_conn net.TcpConn, hostname string) ?

connect to server using open ssl

fn (SSLConn) socket_read_into_ptr #

fn (mut s SSLConn) socket_read_into_ptr(buf_ptr &byte, len int) ?int

fn (SSLConn) read_into #

fn (mut s SSLConn) read_into(mut buffer []byte) ?int

fn (SSLConn) write #

fn (mut s SSLConn) write(bytes []byte) ?int

write number of bytes to SSL connection